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Implementing a Measurable on line inbound B2B and B2C marketing & Leads Generation Strategy. 100’s Of projects Done
Implementing measurable SEO /SEM /PPC / Social Media / and Blog Content Strategy

Step back and look at the goals of the company first, then decide which inbound marketing platform makes sense in your market.

Here are few examples of Goals:

Generating sales leads. Build stronger networks with strong online presence . Get more PR coverage regularly of your cutting edge services and products in the media?

Industrial marketers can use inbound marketing platforms for:

  • Announce new products or services
  • Share information with current customers on products updates and maintenance
  • Connect and engage with potential B2B customer researching the products
  • Showcase your location and company’s work environment to assist in attracting new hires

Social Media platforms such as Linkedin  , You tube etc offer a multi-purpose options that can be used for marketing, education, case studies,  customer engagement and current client retention.

3 TOP reasons to implement inbound Marketing

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National Business Development Association

Approach Online Media Channels Strategically as a Company
To break down few branding and engagement goals you want to achieve with and then see which channels fits in. One approach is to break down how you can use various media platforms such as Google, Bing, Linkedin, youtube etc , to meet your marketing goals and ,or help solve your target market client’s pain issues !
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Use social platforms like Linkedin to attract B2B sales leads

To increase sales, and attract interested buyers who are currently researching products, one of the best channels in the B2B market is Google search engine along with Linkedin .

Connect with potential B2B customers on LinkedIn Groups

There are many groups on LinkedIn, and your sales people are probably the most educated on your products and services and what client’s day to day issues problems they see.

Use social networks + Blog Posts as a marketing resource to connect with prospects

The marketing team‘s efforts are geared towards helping sales connect with prospective clients. Utilize social networks such as Google + /Pintrest / Facebook / youtube / vimeo / Twitter along with your Blog posts to build connections and share marketing solutions message, or the story behind your services and products.

The basics of inbound marketing for Lead$ Generation
Inbound marketing is a very useful concept in the field of marketing and involves the use of marketing in a very systematic and targeted manner. In the olden days people used to market and advertise in all possible media forms and used to tap into the potential customers on a large basis without focusing on the absolutely targeted audience. However today, companies are spending time, money and effort in order to use different methods to understand those customer requirements, their shopping behaviour and preferences and then focus their marketing resources in a targeted manner towards the strongly potential buyers. Since most prospects have begun to research and then shop online, it is easy for companies to place the link of their websites in a manner which would answer people’s questions or direct them to where they can shop for what they are looking for. This is the basic crux of inbound marketing and this is becoming more and more successful day by day.

Digital marketing strategist Andy Alagappan, will show you how to identify your most profitable customer prospect for your products and services and then implement a online marketing system that your prospects will find inescapable.

It’s NOT about just being online , It’s ALL about being Found online for your Services by Your Target Audience.

Implementation Service : 4 Components
Proven SEO = search engine optimization services
Proven PPC = pay per click advertising campaign services
Proven SMM = social media marketing services
Custom web site and blog design services
Increase your marketing reach through content creation : showcase your expertise