What is the Purpose and meaning of SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now the next question is what does this “Search engine Optimization” mean? In order to understand this concept let us first understand that all companies which have websites are traceable on the internet when people look for information on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines. However since there are hundreds of companies proving similar products and services and almost each one of them has a well designed and self explanatory website, how will these companies ensure that people visit their specific websites and leave the other websites or somehow just miss looking through their competitors website? Well the answer is through the use of SEO Monthly Process. When people hire professionals to implement SEO methodology in the content of their website they tend to get their website searched and listed among the first few search results of the popular search engines. This is why people make sure that their website is properly SEO’ed monthly and that content is not repetitive or scattered when placed on the website.


Each product or service which is being searched on the internet would have a hundred websites which will either be offering information or products or even services related to information a person wishes to search on the internet. In such a scenario how can you ensure that you website is found? The fact is that your website has to be found for it to be visited and for potential customers to become actual customers. One of the ways which ensures that your company’s website is listed among the first few search results of the top search engines is the use of ethical and effective of SEO techniques.

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